Flights to Toronto
Take a trip to the top of the Tower in Toronto where you can see it all. Take the ferry to Toronto Island Park which is a great place for couples or families to get away from the city and explore. Don't miss out on one of Canada's greatest cities!
Check out the Toronto video below:
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• Available dates with lowest price: from now
• Departure airports: Montréal (Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg with additional charge)
• Destination: Toronto, Canada
• Price: from C$79 per person
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Flights to Toronto starting at C$79 (choose your departure city):
+Flights from Thunder Bay C$106
+Flights from Winnipeg C$82
+Flights from Halifax C$82
+Flights from Ottawa C$85
+Flights from Calgary C$79
+Flights from Montréal C$85
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