Cheap Fares To America
Its never been cheaper to take a trip stateside!

From just £ 196 per person, you could be jetting across the Atlantic for a fun-filled American adventure.

There are loads of destinations available with availability through to March 2019. Here are some of our favourites:
New York
A glimpse of what New York has to offer:

• Price: from £ 196
• Departures from: Inverness, London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and more
• Cheapest dates: September 2019 and October 2019 (from London)

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A glimpse of what Washington has to offer:

• Price: from £ 249
• Departures from: London, Manchester, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle and more
• Cheapest dates: September 2019 (from London)

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A glimpse of what Chicago has to offer:

• Price: from £ 245
• Departures from: London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and more
• Cheapest dates: February 2020 and March 2020 (from London)

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A glimpse of what Boston has to offer:

• Price: from £ 217
• Departures from: London, Inverness, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more
• Cheapest dates: November 2019 (from London)

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