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Staycation - 5 Great Things to Do at Home
Vacation at Home
When England's theatres were closed because of the black plague, Shakespeare wrote Macbeth and King Lear ... will say: Take this opportunity and turn the isolation to your advantage.

Amidst the shutdowns, more and more people quarantine themselves inside their homes. If circumstances allow, that is the best thing to do! But instead of reading every single quarantine update that pops up on your phone, fix yourself in front of the TV or worry yourself about conspiracy messages in social media news feeds, there are so many other things to do at home to turn the isolation to your advantage. How about those?
1. Enjoy a virtual museums tour Not only the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with it's “Send Me Art” texting service allows you to request an artwork of a specific topic right through your phone. Also Google Arts and Culture has partnered with museums and galleries around the world and offers virtual tours through their collections to internet surfers. Hey, and if you screenshare with a friend, its like youre touring the museum together!
2. Make a playlist: feel-good songs only!
3. Self Care - finally! Use this "more time condition" to sit quietly and try to meditate. Some stretches in the morning, soaking in a tub with some candles, a facial masque if you have some on hand or even better use your good china to eat a homemade dinner with some soft music from your playlist.
4. Phone time: Everyone is focused on social distancing and isolation, take some time now to recharge old friendships by dropping them a line.
5. Last but not least - t's spring time! Do the once-a-year fun: Flip over your mattress so you can sleep better; purge your phone of bad photos and contacts you dont want anymore; clean out your clothes closet and load up a giveaway bag.
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